Primeval Hysteria

Erotic Stories Collection: 4 Tantalizing Tales From College

This eBook is a collection of four short erotic stories loosely based around a college theme. These tantalizing sex tales have been kept under lock and key… until now.

Like a prisoner after years of solitary confinement — this compilation of sensual stories can’t wait to heighten your senses, send tingles down your entire spine, and waves of pleasure that reverberate through every inch of your nerve endings.

Up to the early 20th century, Female Hysteria was treated by doctors masturbating patients to hysterical paroxysm (read: orgasm), which led to the invention of the vibrator.

Thankfully, today you can save many trips to the Emergency Room and take things into your own hands.

So sit back, unleash your Primeval desires, and allow yourself to feast on some of the most compelling, vivid, and graphic erotica fiction.

Although the stories may or may not be inspired by true events, any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. 😉

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